Roller Skating Rink

Building A Roller Skating Rink


Before we get started on finance we should be very clear and answer a few popular questions:

Q: Does Southeastern Skate finance skating rinks?
A: No.

Q: Do you know of any investors wanting to help me out?
A: No.

Q: Does anyone offer franchises of rinks (like McDonald's or Burger King)?
A: Not that we know of.

Q: How much money will it cost to open a skating rink?
A: This one is a little tougher than the first three. It really depends on the local cost of land, zoning requirements, local construction costs, etc. Obviously a small rink in a small town will be cheaper than a big one in New York City. In general you're hearing of average costs of about $1,000,000. But it can easily go higher or lower than that based on your unique circumstances.

If you're interested in leasing skates or equipment please contact Curtis Tischler at US Funding. They have experience working with skating rinks and our experiences with them have been very favorable. His number is (949) 395-0553 or you can send an email to

Talk to a contact at the bank or call the main office to find out what info you should have ready before you go in to formally ask for the loan.

The Small Business Administration is a good source of information on starting a business and they also could be a source for your loan.

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We are wholesale only and are not allowed to sell to skaters or to quote prices. For info on purchasing skates please look in your phone book under "skating rink" or click here.

Always skate smart. Use appropriate protective gear. If you're not an experienced skater then learn to skate indoors at a roller skating rink. It's a flat and smooth surface with no traffic to deal with. We strongly encourage you to take lessons (most skating rinks offer them).

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