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Skate News and Blog HQ

This page will attempt to let people know about what's going on in the world of skating.  We'll have news stories from the internet machine as well as copies of our skate flyers about new skates that are being released.

If you have a news item to share, please email us.  Include the web site address of the story if at all possible.  Thanks.

Our goal here is to let people know what is going on in the skating community, but also we're hoping that some of these ideas could be copied by other rinks to create their own programs.

Here is a list of the most recent news stories:

5/1/15 - Update - Convention, Candi Girl, New Products
4/27/15 - RSA Convention, Museum, and Candi Girl
4/21/15 - Ion and Stryde Inline Skates
4/10/15 - Sure-Grip Slicks and Vanilla Bags
4/1/15 - Skate Update - Tour Hockey and the Fun Roll Skates
3/20/15 - EZ Roll and Fun Roll Skates
3/2/15 - Skate Update - Vanilla Shipment, Laces
2/4/15 - Skate Catalogs Are Here
2/1/15 - Skate Update - Grind Bars, Bags, and Sisu Mouthguards
1/16/15 - Inline Skate Info
1/2/15 - Skate Update - Powell-Bones Red and Chicago Trainer Skates
12/2/14 - Skate Update - Atom Boom, Sisu, and More
11/18/14 - New Year's Eve Supplies
11/3/14 - Skate Update - UPS Schedule, New Product List
10/1/14 - Skate Update - Sure-Grip Fame, Avanti, Royal, and More
9/2/14 - Skate Update - Tradeshow, Roll-On, and new Vanilla
8/5/14 - Skate Update - Roll-On, Avanti, Nistevo Stops, More
7/21/14 - New Products - Dust Mops and Triple 8 Derby Gear
7/1/14 - Skate Update - Boom Wheels, Blue Vanilla Junior, and Posters
6/1/14 - Skate Update - Skate Mate Parts, Convention News, and a Vanilla Shipment
5/1/14 - Skate Update - Insoles, Inlines, and Convention
4/21/14 - Inline Skate Update
4/3/14 - Skate Update - Shock Stop, Tour, and Auction
3/28/14 - Skate Auction
3/11/14 - Tour BoneLite Hockey Skates
1/28/14 - Inventory Notes
1/14/14 - Extreme Liners, Internet Flash Mob, and Anniversary

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