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Skate Mate Trainers are similar to the walkers that some of the elderly use to help them get around.  They’re made of lightweight PVC and have small wheels at the base of them.

Beginning skaters use the Skate Mate devices for balance and to gain confidence as they first start out.  Instead of locking down the wheels for your beginners, which encourages the skaters to walk around the floor, with the Skate Mate they’re actually using a skating motion to move.

Because of the size, these items are shipped from the factory to your rink.  They need for them to be shipped five at a time to fit in the cartons properly.

Many rinks are already using the trainers and a lot of them are renting them by the hour to their customer.  So they not only help your customers learn to skate, but they pay for themselves very quickly.

The Skate Mate comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large).  White PVC with red connectors is the standard color, but you can also get them in blue, red, or black for a little extra.

NOTE: The one on the left, with the assorted colors, is not a valid option. You need to pick either white, blue, red, or black. That was just a display model he put together.


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